About Us


Alsaref Co.is a Libyan company,specialized in importing consumer foodstuffs.It was established by most efficient and ambitious administrative and professional cadres in 2016 in the capital Tripoli,with an official license from Libyan Ministry of Economy and Trade.Over half a decade,the company managed to expand its existence and its distribution in different parts of Libya and maintained its proliferation that is planned and measured according to accurate and professional development strategy.The customer base in different parts and effective cooperation with partners and agents are credited with its leadership and progress,relying on comprehensive and expert staff of employees,supervisors, administrators and sales and distribution officers that are qualified and specialized in importing the finest types of products and goods complied with international

Our Vision

We aspire to go beyond the Libyan borders by 2025,with achieving the leadership and wide prevalence of our brand inside and outside the country in conformity with the Libyan vision,using modern technology tools that help us to face the vigorous competition in the market of importing and marketing of foodstuffs.

Our Mission

Providing generic and extraordinary products of foodstuffs for all types of our customers,with taking into consideration reasons for security.safety and self inspection for all our products we deal with,in addition to following up the international specifications and standards in quality.

Company's Activity

Alsaref Co. activity is based on importing and marketing of consumer foodstuffs from several regions of production and manufacturing around the world and implementation of relevant processes according to regulations and laws in force and clearance of all customs and legal procedures required for products shipping and their entry into the country, whether by land, sea or air, depending on the best shipping and transportation means.


Comply with safety and food security standards through the provision of self-inspection programs.
Formation of partnerships with the finest and most well-known brands around the world
Development of staff's skills through provision of the needed trainings for it
Insurance of the highest international standards of quality for customers.
Improvement of performance by following up the integrated management system.
Formation of future long-term relationships with elistomers
Following of international price policy in providing froducts.
Effective contribution in reconstruction of Libya
Application of up-to-date technologies Comply with professional and ethical principles and values